System Software Lab (SS lab) at University of Seoul is conducting researches on the system software for embedded computing systems. Main research areas include real-time systems, industrial informatics, and multimedia. Industrial practitioners and students who are interested in our studies are always welcomed. Please contact Prof. Sung for further information.  

Mechanical informatics

Recently, mechanical systems are rapidly integrating with information technologies. SSlab studies IT-mechanical systems with a focus on following area:

  • Open software platform for industrial automation.
  • System software for real-time systems.


Emotional messaging

This project deals with the development of an emotional messenger for automated recognition and expression of emotions for smart phones and IPTVs.

  • Automated emotion recognition from chat texts
  • Facial expression tracking and animcation (using Visage technologies)


Paper accepted for IEEE trans. Consumer Electronics, 2015
"Machine-Learning-Integrated Load Scheduling for Reduced Peak Power Demand"
Paper published on KSME trans. 2014
"Evaluation of EtherCAT Clock Synchronization inDistributed Control Systems", Transactions of the KSME A
KSME magazine article 2013
"IT융합 산업자동화를 위한 오픈소스의 활용", pdf
Paper presented at IEEE ETFA 2013
"An Open-source Development Environment for Industrial Automation with EtherCAT and PLCopen Motion Control"
Collaborating with Beremiz team, France, 2012.
Beremiz is a free software framework for automation. With Beremiz, you can automate industrial process, take any processor into a PLC, and create customizable human interfaces. SSlab is collaborating with Beremiz team. Visit Beremiz site.
Moodle site opened, Mar. 2012.
Moodle is an open-sourced course management system. A moodle site is now open.

Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose and without fee or royalty is hereby granted, provided that the full text of the MIT and INRIA Copyright Statement appears with all copies of the software and documentation or portions thereof, including modifications that you make.